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Ode to Beirut     

Hope for future’s past
Distant memory of yesteryear’s dreams
Shattered by reality.

Clouds veil your ugly face
Exciting and beautiful at night
When sounds and substances
Soothe life’s cognition.

I come for you
Riding the iron bird
Singing my own fanfare
Demanding your ablution.

Whore with an angel’s heart
Bazar of thousand vanities
Humanity lost.
Fountain of elixir vitae?

Waives conquer your dirty shores
Reemerging every morning
When sunshine and laughter
Illuminate your fragile soul.

Take me in your arms of steel and concrete
Caress me and squeeze me against your rocky bosom
For I am your ever-loving addict.
During a recent trip to Beirut, I felt inspired.

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