…the Writer

I have always been writing creatively, starting some decades ago when I attended high school. But I thought I was too busy pursuing my professional career as a lawyer in Europe and the Middle East to share and publish my creative work. As these thoughts were wrong and we should all follow our passion, I created this website. Here you can find fictional tales, poetry and visual stories as well as non-fictional writing. If you enjoy any of it, dare to follow me on the journey. If you do, what can you expect? I want to tell stories to entertain, capture, and move you. Write to make you think. Present you with my pictures, still and moving ones, with the goal that they may speak to you. In short, I want to inspire you.

…the Lawyer

I have been working as an international business lawyer for more than 25 years now. The various issues I could help to solve in different industries, the numerous hours of research into well-known and lesser-known legal, economic, political, social, and technical topics, the hourless discussions and debates with business people, my peers, technical experts, and academics – all of that allowed me to accumulate a considerable amount of experience. I am grateful for this wealth and want to pay it forward. Through practical books with new holistic concepts that help you improve your international business. And also through books which present ideas for an enhanced, balanced, and just future society that benefits our children and the generations that will follow them.

…the Social Entrepreneur

We are all on this planet for a finite number of years. There were people before us who shaped it and the societies we live in, to a point where we had no choice but to live with their legacy. Similarly, our children and grand-children will mostly have to live with the legacy that we leave. For this very reason, I decided some time ago that any enterprise I start or participate in has to provide solutions to better the social, cultural, or environmental conditions of our world for the benefit of all those who will come after us.

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